Yukon Stand

Yukon Stand

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Stand gives you the power to use your Yukon on most heat sensitive surfaces. Use Stand to enjoy your fire pit on the deck, grass, and other turf.*

*Never leave your Yukon unattended. Even with Stand, please ensure your surfaces can handle high temperatures

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Stand up to the heat! Made from cooking-grade 304 stainless steel, Stand makes your fire pit's portability endless, so you can take the adventure anywhere.


Your fire pit's heat will be no match for the durability of Stand. Flame on for hours sat around a warm fire in the comfort of your backyard. Wood decks, grass and all!


Move with peace of mind. Elevate your outdoor spaces with the tool meant to make roaming easy. Fire up new flames anywhere, and when you’re done, just pick up and go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it made from?

304 Stainless Steel, the same as your glorious Yukon.

What does this do?

Yukon Stand allows for air to pass underneath the Yukon while it's in use for extended periods of time, or on surfaces that need additional protection from heat.

How do I store it?

Yukon Stand was designed to be stored right inside your Yukon.

Does it come with a stuff sack?

No stuff sack required! The Stand nest into your Yukon for easy storage and transport. 

Can I use this on my deck, composite deck, stained patio, etc?

We designed this with multiple surfaces in mind, but we can't account for every type of patio or deck out there. With that in mind, use your best judgement and read all instructions throughly!

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