Yukon Shield

Yukon Shield

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The perfect tool for peace of mind. Shield defends & protects your outdoor spaces from a crackling fire’s pops and sparks

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Peace of Mind

You should be able to enjoy a night around your fire pit feeling as safe as possible. Keep sparks fully contained while taming your flame with Shield’s 304 stainless steel design. Shield + Stand is the ultimate duo for a night around the fire on a wood deck, near pine needles, or other places where safety is the top priority.

Easy to Use

Shield’s one of a kind, 2-piece design lets you tend the fire without compromising safety. Specialized removal tools make adding logs or resting Sticks a cinch.

Long Lasting

Constructed from 304 stainless steel, Shield is built to last as long as Yukon.


Designed to nest inside Yukon’s burn chamber, Shield and Yukon become a compact pair, giving your outdoor space a clean, modern look around the clock.


Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use Yukon Shield?

Yukon Shield is best used in situations where you want to prevent sparks and embers from exiting your fire pit.

What is included with the purchase of my Yukon Shield?

You will receive your two piece spark arrestor as well as your removal tools which is two separate pieces.

Are Solo Stove Sticks included with the purchase of Shield?

No, Sticks are not included but can be purchase here. You won't regret the decision!

Can I use my own roasting sticks on Shield?

Yes, while we are a little biased toward Solo Stove Sticks, you can use any roasting sticks with Shield.

What is the best way to store Yukon Shield when not in use?

The best way to store Shield is to nest it inside your Yukon. To do this, simply remove the Shield and the flame ring and then place your Shield upside down inside your Yukon. The flame ring will then nest on top for easy storage.

Can I use Yukon Shelter with Yukon Shield?

Yes, once Shield is nested in your Yukon for storage, you can place your Shelter cover over the top if you would like to store your Yukon outside.

Why is Shield two pieces?

Shield was designed as two pieces so that the top piece can be removed to add fuel without having to remove the entire spark screen. It also makes it much easier to roast marshmallows and other food over the fire when you can remove the top piece of Shield.


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