Sticks + Tools Bundle

Sticks + Tools Bundle

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Essential tools to enhance your fire. Master the flame with Sticks and Tools that let you roast and tend with ease. 

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Hollow stems, dual prongs, and twist-apart design cultivate a refined roasting experience. Lightweight construction and 36” stems make Sticks accessible and safe for everyone.


Angled for comfort, wield Tools with precision and convenience. Intuitive design and lightweight construction offer the ultimate accessibility for any fire caretaker.

Long Lasting

Constructed from 304 stainless steel, Sticks + Tools are built to last as long as your fire pit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are they made from?

304 Stainless Steel, the same as your glorious Solo Stove fire pit.

What do these do?

These tools help to add and adjust wood burning in the fire pit.

Why do these have a bend in them?

The unique angle of both the poker and tongs allows you to safely add or adjust the wood while keeping your arm away from the flame. The angled poker makes it easy to reach over the side of your fire pit while the angle of the grabber makes adding wood easier by lessening the resistance against you. The poker is angled at 165 degrees and the grabber is angled at 172 degrees.

How do I store these?

Fire Pit Tools feature hooks for easy hanging.

The hinge in the grabber is stiff, what do I do?

Just add a drop of grease or oil to loosen it back up!


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