Ranger Lid

Ranger Lid

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AU $109.99
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Lid provides all-purpose utility to your Ranger. Contain leftover ash and embers as an overnight safeguard or convert Ranger to a modern tabletop.

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Long Lasting

Made from 304 stainless steel, Lid’s quality will last you a lifetime, so even those errant popping embers won’t get to it. Lid will contain and control while maintaining it’s high-quality shine and strong build.


Engineered for style and functionality, you can snuff out tired flames without thinking about it. Once over your Fire Pit, Lid act’s as a unique tabletop surface that’ll add to your backyards unique steez.

High Quality

Lid was made to fit your Fire Pit perfectly. Hugging it’s circumference to give you peace of mind, flying embers and fine ashes will quickly find their home under it’s stainless steel.