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Bring warmth to the table. Mesa is the tabletop fire pit made to elevate your space’s aesthetic. With Dual Fuel capability and Signature 360° Airflow, anyone can easily ignite and enjoy a smokeless fire.

What's Included:
  • Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit: Brighten up your table
  • Mesa Stand: Elevate your tabletop fire pit
  • Pellet Adapter: Burn with your choice of pellets or traditional firewood
  • Nylon Carry Bag: Sleek and portable so you can light up anywhere
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Included Stand 

Give your fire pit a solid surface to rest on. Mesa’s included stand was designed to elevate your experience. Simply place Mesa in the center and light your fire. When you’re ready to pick up and go, fold in the legs and nest your stand inside Mesa for compact storage and ultra portability.

Dual Fuel

Made to run on more, Mesa’s capabilities go beyond just one fuel source. An included pellet adapter gives you the choice to burn with pellets or any fuel on hand. With Signature 360° Airflow, Mesa’s flames will burn ultra-hot whether you’re burning pellets or wood.

Easy To Light 

Go from box to burn in minutes. Thanks to 360° Signature Airflow anyone can easily light up a smokeless fire. Simply place your fuel inside and light your firestarter to enjoy a warm fire in just a couple of minutes, whether you’re a first timer or a pro. Simply add fuel as your fire dies down to sustain your smokeless flame.

Long Lasting

304 stainless steel is highly durable, surprisingly lightweight, and won’t cave under the pressure of an ultra-hot flame. Count on Mesa to hold up to all of your experiences– it’ll last a lifetime, and we’ve got the warranty to prove it.

A Pop of Color

Thoughtfully designed with new seasonal colors, Mesa is an interactive centerpiece that enhances your space’s aesthetic. Between the warmth of a fire, a golden marshmallow, and eye-catching hues, your senses will be delighted every time you light it up. Made with high-heat ceramic coating, Mesa’s color will stay vibrant and resist patina for years to come.

Dimensions & Materials

  • Height: 6.8 in | 17.3 cm 
  • Diameter: 5.1 in | 13 cm
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs | 0.64 kgs
  • Materials: 304 Stainless Steel | Ceramic

Frequently Asked Questions

What surfaces can I use Mesa on?

Mesa is for outdoor use only. It was made as a tabletop fire pit, sized perfectly for outdoor dining tables to stylish end tables. Mesa should always be used with its included stand on a stable surface. Even while using the stand, the fire pits burn extremely hot, and hot air may gather underneath. Do not use on heat sensitive materials. Do not ever leave Mesa unattended on or near a combustible surface, even when it is cooling down. .

How do I use the pellet adapter?

Mesa’s pellet adapter is designed to provide optimal airflow to your fuel while in use. If you’re using a traditional firestarter, place it in the middle of your Mesa, then place the pellet adapter on top. Using a stick lighter, light your starter. Add pellets until they’re resting under the secondary burn holes. When refueling Mesa, add pellets slowly to ensure your flame doesn’t become suffocated.

Mesa’s pellet adapter should be used any time you plan on burning pellets to allow for optimal airflow, continuous safety, and consistent heat.

How big is Mesa?

When placed on its stand, Mesa is 6.8” tall by 5.1” wide.

What colors does it come in?

Mesa comes in 6 colors:
Deep Olive
Stainless Steel

What kind of wood does Mesa take?

Unique to this fire pit, Mesa comes with a pellet adapter allowing you to burn pellets, or use traditional hardwood.

What is included with my Mesa?

Mesa will come with a carry bag, stainless steel stand that nests inside, a pellet adapter, and a stainless steel flame ring.

Will my Mesa discolor over time?

Mesa’s ceramic coated colors– Deep Olive, Mulberry, Bone, Ash, and Water will not patina over time.

If you purchase the traditional stainless steel option, you will notice a unique patina develop over time as you would on our traditional fire pits and camp stoves.

Each Mesa comes with a stainless steel flame ring that will patina over time.

Can Mesa be used under a canopy, patio umbrella, gazebo, etc?

Mesa is intended for outdoor use only. It is not recommended to use under a canopy, patio umbrella, or gazebo.

Is there any protective barrier that can be used to prevent touching the Mesa while in use.

There is not a protective barrier. Mesa will be very hot to the touch and should never be left unattended when in use.

Is there a recommended amount of distance or table size to use when using Mesa? How close can you be to it while it is in use?

Mesa can fit on almost any table size. You should always maintain a safe distance from the fire so that you do not get burned. We recommend being at least 2 feet away from the exterior of the fire pit and always avoid touching the sides as the unit will be very hot when in use



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