3 Pot Set

3 Pot Set

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Campside meals just got better. Steam, simmer, and boil savory everyday meals over an open fire with the ultra-compact 3 Pot Set. Discover the ultimate backpacking experience filled with hot meals and ease.

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Product Dimensions 

4.2 Inches Tall, 7.7 Inches Wide

Frequently Asked Questions

What Stove does this pot set work with?

This is a universal pot set that works great with all of our stoves.

Can any of your stoves nest inside the 3 Pot Set?

No. This pot set was not designed with nesting capabilities.

Do all three pots come with lids?

Yes. All three pots share a universal fit lid that also doubles as a dinner plate. The lid can be lifted using the aluminum pot holder that comes with this pot set.

Is stainless steel better than aluminum?

We think so! With concerns that aluminum pots might not be the healthiest option to cook with, we feel that food grade stainless steel is the way to go.

Does this pot set come with a stuff sack?

Yep! The stuff sack is a great way to keep your pots protected and the rest of your pack clean.

Are all the pots the same size?

No. 3 Pot Set comes with a 2 liter, 1.5-liter, and 1.25-liter pot.


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